Schaatsbaan Rotterdam is looking for enthusiastic colleagues for the 2019-2020 season!

This upcoming winter, Schaatsbaan Rotterdam opens her doors for the seventh year in a row! Thus, also this season we're looking for enthusiastic colleagues and supervisors. 

Vacancies for this season (in Dutch):

Vacancie Assistent IJsmeester
Vacancie Keuken Medewerker
Vacancie Keuken Hulp

Do you have any questions about working at Schaatsbaan Rotterdam or want to send us an open solicitation? Contact us via

Internships at Schaatsbaan Rotterdam
It is possible to get an internship at Schaatsbaan Rotterdam, both for MBO, HBO or WO-students! We have the possibility to organise several different internships/researches concerning sports, event business, marketing, Horeca and technical related internships. Interested? Send us an email with your motivation and CV via