The city ​​initiative

The founders of Schaatsbaan Rotterdam aimed for a completely new approach for realising an ice skating rink. They chose a location which is normally used for sports and which contained many different facilities so that the terrain on which the rink is built has multiple different functions.

Field sports in spring, summer and autumn. Ice skating in winter. The terrain on which Schaatsbaan Rotterdam is built is used the entire year because of its multiple functions. Thus, the investment for the rink is much lower and has a range of different services can be shared on one terrain.

To make this plan work within a short period of time, the founders of Schaatsbaan Rotterdam participated in Stadsinitiatief Rotterdam. This enterprise project is held every year to help out smaller enterprises that could be beneficial for the city. The inhabitants of Rotterdam then vote for the best idea. 

With the results of Stadsinitatief, the waiting for an ice skating location in Rotterdam came to an end on June 1st  2013. Schaatsbaan Rotterdam won Stadsinitiatief 2013 en with that Schaatsbaan became a fact. From November 29 2013 onwards, Toepad will turn into an ice skating rink on a yearly basis, containing a 400 metre-track and a 1600 metre Funbaan.