Skate rental

Don't have your own skates? No problem! You can rent skates at Schaatsbaan Rotterdam. Do keep in mind that you will need to pay a deposit. More information about that can be found underneath.

Rental prices

Skate type Size Price
Ice hockey skates 28-50 €6,-
Zandstra Noren (Speed skates) 30-46 €7,-

Skates can also be rented online! It is not possible to reserve sizes in advance. 

Reserve your skates now


If you'd like to rent skates, we need to have a deposit. This can be done through a pass with your photograph and your name on it or a copy of your passport/ID/driving license. You can cover/scratch your BSN-number off this copy. We cannot accept the official document as a deposit. 

Keep in mind!

If you rent skates from us, we'd like you to only walk on the rubber mats. If you do not walk on these mats, the skates can get damaged and we need to have them polished again. The costs of polishing (€10,-) need to be paid by you. 

Children's double bladed skates

It is not possible to rent these, but you can buy them for €12,50 in our ice skating shop on the Winterplein. These aids are meant for children between 2 and 5 years old.


Is it the first time for your children on the ice? And do they not know how to get around on skates or keep from falling? Let them use our 'seals'! These function like the chair you used to learn skating yourself, except in a more modern jacket. If your children are too little to skate on their own, they can also sit on the seals while you push them forward!

The use of our seals is completely free!