This year online reservation is mandatory and we work with time slots. A time slot takes one hour. You can obtain it via the button below. 



Entrance ticket - 400-metre track

Booking online | Per order €0.50 transaction fee | You can also use it on the Funbaan, provided capacity allows.

Entrance ticket - Funbaan

Online booking | Per order €0.50 transaction costs | You can also use this on the 400m track, if possible due to capacity.

Rental skates - Ice hockey (regular skates)

Skate rental - Speedskates (noren)

Speedskates aren't allowed on the Funbaan

Entrance for companions/spectators

Unfortunately, it is not possible to go in as a guide. Parents/caretakers of children are asked to go ice skating with them.

Children 0-3 years

Rotterdampas (first time)

Online booking | Pick up tickets at the ticket counter | Booking fees (€0,25 per booking) and transaction fees (€0,50 per transa

Rotterdampas - return visit - One-off 25% discount

Online booking | Paying & collecting ticket(s) at checkout | €0.50 Transaction costs per order

Group discount

Unfortunately not yet possible

Ice skating for schools (schools in Rotterdam)

Ice skating for schools (schools outside Rotterdam)


Out-of-school care

Not available

Attend a curling clinic

Curling Clinic

Ice skating clinic

Ice Skating Clinic

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