Kassa Tickets

Let op: Wij zijn volledig cashless. Je kan hier dus alleen pinnen! Het is niet nodig te reserveren voor het schaatsen. Tickets kunnen, indien gewenst, ook bij de kassa gekocht worden.


Entrance ticket

Valid 1 time

Rental skates

vanaf €6,-
Entrance for companions/spectators

Children 0-3 years

Rotterdampas (first time)

This is only the first time, for a follow-up visit you get a 25% discount

Rotterdampas return visit

This applies to all subsequent visits

Group discount

10% discount from 15 persons and upwards. Tickets need to be paid at once at the cash register.

Ice skating for schools (schools in Rotterdam)

Reservations can be made at

Ice skating for schools (schools outside Rotterdam)

Reservations can be made at


Reservations can be made at

Out-of-school care

Valid during the Christmas holidays until 12:00.

Attend a curling clinic

Curling Clinic

Ice skating clinic

Ice Skating Clinic

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