Ice skating is hot! During the past 7 years, Schaatsbaan Rotterdam has become a well-known part of the city. With 220.000 visitors in the last season, we have become part of the top 5 most visited attractions of the city, alongside the famous Euromast and Diergaarde Blijdorp.

Schaatsbaan Rotterdam is an ice skating track for everyone living in Rotterdam; whether you're old, young, foreign or not, we'd love to welcome you at Schaatsbaan Rotterdam. Where we began as a local initiative, we are nowadays visited by people from all over the country and beyond! 

A couple of facts: 
Opened in: November 2013, 2020-2021 will be our 8th season
Location: Toepad 95, Rotterdam
2 Skating rinks: A  400 meter track and a Funbaan (80x20 meter)
• Number of visitors: 200.000 per year
Number of months we're open: 3 months per season
Average age of visitors: 20-45 years
Social community: 23.000 fans on Facebook
Social reach: 4.000.000 via Facebook/Instagram
Website visits per year: 450.000
B2B: Many corporate events, originating from the Rijnmond region.

Underneath you can find our sponsorship opportunities. If you wish to sponsor us in another way, we'd love to help you out. 

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Banners Sizes Prices Comments
Parking lot       
Gate - 3 months 4,5 x 1,9 meter  € 1.450 Only during the Schaatsbaan months(±220.000 visitors)
Gate - 12 months 4,5 x 1,9 meter  € 2.450 The entire year, so hockey + Schaatsbaan. Schaatsbaan (±400.000 visitors)
40ft Container - facing the parking lot 13 x 2,5 meter  € 3.500  
400-metre track      
Turn 5 x 1 meter  € 750  
Straight track 5 x 1 meter  € 550  
Funbaan & Curling track 4 x 1 meter  € 500 Funbaan is sold out, curling track is still possible.
Entrance complex 3 x 2 meter   € 650  
LED-Screen 4 x 3 meter  € 75 Per second. Visible the entire year
Zamboni  see photographs  € 2.500  
Back of the entrance ticket  3,25” x 4.00”  € 0,04   Per ticket. Minimum amount of times its bought: 50.000 tickets


I'd like to be a partner!