Definitive: Schaatsbaan Rotterdam returns next year

Schaatsbaan Rotterdam will open its doors next season for the 9th season in a row. This was not a done deal until recently, as the skating rink had a failed year due to corona.

The skating rink was forced to close after 16 days and thus found itself in financial distress. Fortunately, it was able to appeal to a subsidy scheme for swimming pools and ice rinks, specially developed by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. Thanks to an accelerated procedure, this subsidy was partially granted by the municipality of Rotterdam last week, ensuring the continued existence of the skating rink.

High need

Director Tijs Nederlof about this: "The need was high because after a terrible season we had lost all our reserves. Thanks to the quick action of the municipality, the future looks a lot brighter now. We are very grateful for that".  The Rotterdam Skating Rink has now received a first subsidy of €450,000. In the course of this year an additional amount will follow. This important contribution will enable us to meet all our financial obligations and bridge the gap to the next subsidy round. This means that Schaatsbaan Rotterdam is out of the danger zone and can once again look ahead.  

Catch up

Last winter, Schaatsbaan Rotterdam opened for the 8th consecutive year. In the 7th year, it had a wonderful season, but this year the rink had to close after only 16 days. A great loss for many fans of the Rotterdam ice. Visitors can therefore really expect something in the coming edition. The organization is eager to get started again. Nederlof: "And when we reopen, we have some catching up to do. Rotterdammers can count on us to make up for a lost season. Think of a spectacular opening, great events (such as Silent Disco) and of course a great ice rink".  

Skating Rink Rotterdam plans to open its doors again on Saturday, 27 November 2021.


Published on 1 apr 2021

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