Are you also taking part in a major KNSB study?

The KNSB is committed to strengthening and promoting skating and inline skating in the Netherlands. From top to wide sport. In order to be able to do this well, it is important that the skating federation knows what is going on, so that it can respond to the needs and wishes of the skating enthusiast. In cooperation with the Mulier Institute, the KNSB is conducting a large-scale study.

Are you interested in skating, skating inline skating or inline skating and are you at least 16 years old? Then participate in the National Skating and inline skating research!

Participate & Win!
Your answers will be processed strictly confidentially by the Mulier Institute, filling in the questionnaire will take five to ten minutes at most. Among those who complete the questionnaire completely and correctly, 20 KNSB skate or inline skate garments will be raffled off! Click here for the survey:


Published on 10 feb 2020

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