The 10 best moments of the 7th ice skating season

The seventh season of Schaatsbaan Rotterdam is over again. Lucky Number Seven, because it was a winter full of highlights! We look back on the past ice skating season with the ten best moments.

1. Grand Opening of the 7th ice skating season
On November 30th, Schaatsbaan Rotterdam, together with councillor Sven de Lange and the team of the Daniel den Hoed Fonds, opened the 7th ice skating season! A festive day full of activities and acts, such as the spectacular performance of Hillsback Brassband, Mateco Magic-selfies with the rainbow rink from a height of 76 meters(!) and the screening of the film 'De Opbouw'.

Watch the aftermovie of Grand Opening here!

2. Ice Skating for Daniel
This year the Daniel den Hoed Fund was the social partner of Schaatsbaan Rotterdam. Together they organized the successful first edition of Ice Skating for Daniel, raising almost €77.000 for scientific research into cancer!

On 6 February 2021 we hope to exceed this amount during Ice Skating for Daniel 2021. Who are you ice skating for? |

3. Curling, it's a way of life
This winter, hundreds of companies and teams got acquainted with the sport curling! More than 7700 people followed the popular curling clinic, learning all the secrets of this sport from the EVORSA curling professionals. Ofcourse with afterwards a typical Dutch 'stamppot' buffet or a nice drink at the Winterplaza!

4. Santa Skate
We kicked off the Christmas holidays with the traditional Santa Skate; with as many Santa Clauses as possible on the ice. There is no better way to start Christmas holidays!

5. Winter Christmas holidays
Ice skating and hot chocolate; every year it turns out to be a golden combination for the holidays. During the 2 weeks of the holidays more than 60.000 visitors came to Schaatsbaan Rotterdam to skate under the rainbow lights. On Thursday January 3th, 5435 people passed through the gates.

6. Dansvoer on Ice
Do you like skating and dancing? Then Dansvoer's silent disco on ice is the perfect party for you! On the 14th of December, in cooperation with Dansvoer, this annual silent disco was organized; for many a night to look forward to! Three DJ's on three canals, a karaoke caravan on the Funbaan and a game on the 400-meter rink. It was a magical evening!

Watch Dansvoer's aftermovie here

7. Vroes Curling Tournament
Thirty teams competed for the coveted Curling Cup at the Vroes Curling Tournament. In ski suits or other winter costumes, there was a lot of sweeping, wiping and dancing during Vroes' ApresCurl. With a party on the ice afterwards ofcourse!

Watch the aftermovie of ApresCurl

8. Valentine's Day
On Valentine's Day, Schaatsbaan Rotterdam was all about love and dozens of lovebirds skated hand-in-hand in the Tunnel of Love. The restaurant turned into the Café de l'Amour especially for this day. Here thirty couples - and 8 blind dates! - enjoyed a romantic dinner for two.

9. More than 221,000 visitors!
Record after record was crashed this year at Schaatsbaan Rotterdam! Rotterdammers have embraced the ice skating sport and this can be seen in this season's visitor numbers. More than 221.000 skating and curling fans went through the entrance gates in the three months that Schaatsbaan Rotterdam has been opened, of which more than 35.000 (free skating) school children.

 10. Skating rink Rotterdam, no two rounds are the same.

Published on 1 mrt 2020

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