Schaatsbaan Rotterdam remains closed this season

Based on the latest press conference of the cabinet and the current measures, unfortunately Skating Rink Rotterdam will not be able to reopen its doors this season. But there is also some good news, because we will be back in December 2021!

The end of the 8th season.

The 8th season of the Rotterdam Skating Rink was different than we had hoped for. After months of preparation we had created a safe, yet cozy skating environment for only 30 skaters per hour per rink. Unfortunately, this wasn't enough to keep the rinks open. Because of the tunnel, the Rotterdam Skating Rink is regarded as an indoor sports location and therefore had to close its doors since December.

Schaatsbaan Rotterdam will be back December 2021!

We had prepared a spectacular skating season, with nice events, skating outings and fun on the Winter Square. Unfortunately, for now we have to wait for the 9th season of Skating Rink Rotterdam. The coming months we will do everything to prepare the best season ever; a Rotterdam skating season in which we will make up for the lost corona year in many ways!

As of December 2021 we will be back. Curling, company outings and school skating will be possible from November 2021.  We are looking forward to a fantastic 9th season of Skating Rink Rotterdam! You too?

What can I do with tickets I already bought?

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What to do with tickets?


Published on 3 feb 2021

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