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The season- and rides passes are season bound! This means you cannot use this subscription next season. You can, however, upgrade your pass next year with a new membership. 
You can! After-school daycares that want to go ice skating need to pay €3.75 per person. At least 10 children and 2 supervisors are required. Holiday regulations Over the Christmas and Spring holidays, this price is valid until 12:00. If the ice skating rink is entered after 12:00, the regular entrance fees count. Reservations can be made at school@schaatsbaanrotterdam.nl.
You can use your ticket until the end of the season, February 28th, 2020.
No, you are not allowed to wear your shoes on the ice, since you might possibly have dirt stuck underneath them. This could stain the ice, which can be dangerous for the other skaters.
The opening hours might vary during festivities and holidays. You can find more information about this on our ‘Opening Hours & Entrance Fees’ page, underneath the tab ‘Special Days’. There, you can find the exact moments the rink is opened.
It is not possible to reserve tickets. However, it is possible to buy your tickets online and at the entrance of Schaatsbaan Rotterdam. You can also make reservations for clinics and children’s parties, about which you can find more information on the ‘Arrangements' and ‘Children’s Party' pages.
No, you are kindly requested not to bring your own food and drinks. Schaatsbaan Rotterdam has its own wide assortment of drinks and snacks you can use. 
At Schaatsbaan Rotterdam there is always at least one certified first-aider on the premises. In case of an emergency, please consult one of our colleagues.
Yeah, it is! Next to the winter square you will find a container with hundreds of lockers. All these lockers are cashless, so you don't need cash for this. More information about lockers can be found here.
Our house rules can be found on this page. We kindly ask you to behave according to these rules. In this way, we can ensure all our visitors a pleasant stay. 
Schaatsbaan Rotterdam has its own car park with 350 places. You can park there for free! Is the car park full? In case all the places in the car park are taken, you can park at the K.P van der Mandelelaan in 'het Brainpark'. During the weekend these parking spots are free. This car park is just a short walking distance away from the rink.
Schaatsbaan Rotterdam is very easy to reach by bike, car and public transport. You can find more information about this under 'Contact'. 
Yes, it is. Schaatsbaan Rotterdam is very accessible for people with a physical disability. 
Yes, you may bring your own skates.  Are your skates dull? You can easily have them polished in our shop, which can be found at our Koek & Zopie corner. 
No, it is not possible to use your entrance ticket twice. Our turnstile scans your ticket only one time and it, therefore, is not valid anymore afterwards. Already been on the premises but forgotten something? In case you have forgotten something in e.g your car, make sure to tell one of our staff members. They will ensure that you can re-enter the terrain afterwards. 
If you are only coming to watch, you will need to pay for a visitors pass. It costs €3,-. and can be exchanged at the bar for a cup of coffee or tea. 
Yes, you can. More information about skate rental can be found on 'schaatsverhuur'.
Schaatsbaan Rotterdam has two ice-skating rinks, a 400-metre course and a ''Funbaan''. On the 400-metre course, you can use both hockey skates and speed skates (Noren). Do keep in mind that during our Speed Skates Hours only skaters using speed skates are allowed onto the course. Hockey skates are not allowed during this hour. At the ''Funbaan'' you can only use children's ice skates, figure skates and hockey skates. Speed skates (Noren) are not allowed on this course. This has to do with your own safety and that of other bystanders.
You are required to wear gloves for your own safety.
If you have found someone else's belongings on the property, please give them to one of our employees. Thank you in advance!
If you happen to have lost something whilst skating, please tell one of our supervisors. We find and collect lost belongings nearly every day, so it is very likely that one of your lost belongings is among these things. Have you forgotten something on the property? Please contact us at 010-7900514.

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