Ice Skating for Daniel den Hoed

On February 8th, 2020, the 1st edition of Ice Skating for Daniel was organized; a collaboration between the Daniel den Hoed Fund and Schaatsbaan Rotterdam to raise money for scientific research into cancer.

In February 2020 the first edition of the event 'Ice Skating for Daniel' took place at Schaatsbaan Rotterdam. 

The concept
In cooperation with social partner Daniel den Hoed Fund, Schaatsbaan Rotterdam organized a winter event for everyone; trained, untrained, young and old. With only one common goal: raise as much money as possible for scientific research into cancer.

The event
The 400-meter rink and lighting at the entrance turned red for this day. On the Winterplein, the live band Mooi Weer op Straat provided the perfect music for an Apres Skate Party. The mobile DJ skated along with all the visitors on the 400-meter rink for music while skating the rounds.



Amount raised




First edition Ice Skating for Daniel great success
In addition to a very atmospheric day, a magnificent amount of €76.763,- was raised. We would like to thank all participants, donors, volunteers and others involved for their efforts. 

Both Schaatsbaan Rotterdam and the Daniel den Hoed Fund look back enthusiastically on this successful first edition. On the day itself it was immediately decided to organize the event in 2021 for a second time.