Curling Clinic

Curling, the newest hype, also known by non-connoisseurs as 'the sport with a broom'. For this sport, you mustn't be wrong-footed! And corona crisis or not, you can still do this activity at Schaatsbaan Rotterdam.

Curling? It's a way of life.

That one sport with brooms on ice, you might have heard all about it, but how exactly does it work? Do you and your colleagues, teammates, friends or family want to learn the tweaks of the sport and discover the most popular sport of the 2018 Olympic Games? Attend a clinic and learn the practice of the techniques, the rules and playing several matches! It is also possible to combine the clinic with drinks and some bites at the end, such as a typical Dutch 'stamppot' buffet or a nice, wintery BBQ! 


€25,- p.p.

Min. amount of people


Max. amount of people


Possible from

November 2nd


Supervision of a curling-pro
This challenging (but fun!) clinic is held under the supervision of an experienced instructor. Schaatsbaan Rotterdam has 8 curling courts, so there is always a place for your team, family or business to go curling. 

Reservations at 8 persons 
The curling arrangement is possible for groups of 8 persons and onwards. It is possible to extend the clinic with an extra hour of skating or a nice, wintery barbecue. Questions can be asked via

Coronaproof Curling
The curling lane provides enough space to keep a safe distance from each other. Although the requirement to keep a distance of 1.5 metres does not apply when practising a sport, it is advisable to keep this distance wherever possible. Wearing gloves is mandatory for hygienic reasons. Without gloves you are not allowed to participate in the clinic. The instructors will disinfect the equipment prior to the clinic. 

You can pay by iDeal before the reservation or by (credit)card at the end of the arrangement. Companies can pay by invoice if desired. You can point this out in your reservations form or by mail at

Curling is possible from November 2nd, 2020 till February 26th, 2021. 

The arrangements folder for 2020-2021 will be online this autumn!

Want to book now or do you have any questions? Send an email to or call us at 010 - 7900 514.